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Urine + Odor Turf Detox

Urine + Odor Turf Detox

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The Ultimate Artificial Grass Urine Odor Remover You'll Ever Need!

Urine + Odor Turf Detox is the ultimate artificial turf urine odor cleaner. With advanced enzyme technology, it eliminates organic materials, keeping your turf clean, safe, and pleasantly scented. Say goodbye to unwanted odors with this long-lasting solution.

Urine + Odor Turf Detox

• Effectively decomposes urine and fecal particles
• Neutralizes odor-causing compounds
• Utilizes a blend of bacteria and enzymes for fast and effective cleaning
• Fresh scent, all-natural, with no chemical additives
• Safe for use around pets and children

TurfSpa™ URINE & ODOR TURF DETOX is a professional-grade solution designed to effectively eliminate organic waste and odors on turf. It is formulated with a blend of highly concentrated bacteria spores and biodegradable surfactants to break down organic matter and neutralize odors. Developed by a team of expert biologists with specialized knowledge in microorganisms and enzymes, our product is a leading solution in the market for turf cleaners. TurfSpa™ URINE & ODOR TURF DETOX is not only efficient in providing long-lasting odor control, but also safe for both pets and children. Its advanced formula is capable of breaking down years of accumulation and abuse, leaving you with a clean and pleasant turf environment.


To achieve optimal results, fill a quart-sized container with TurfSpa™ Urine & Odor Turf Detox and attach a tamper-resistant 20:1 or 30:1 hose sprayer to a garden hose. Ensure the sprayer is in the "off" position before usage, then turn it on and spray the affected areas. Allow the solution to fully settle and drain before resuming regular use on the treated areas. Apply the product during cooler hours of the day to prevent UV light exposure that may inhibit the beneficial bacteria's ability to break down urine and fecal particles.

Treatment Coverage

One gallon of TurfSpa™ URINE & ODOR TURF DETOX can effectively treat up to 1000 square feet of artificial turf or urine-affected area.