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I hear that vinegar and a water mix can remove the pee smell. Is this true?

When it comes to tackling unpleasant odors, vinegar may seem like a quick fix. However, there's no scientific evidence to support its effectiveness. On the other hand, using harsh chemicals like bleach can pose a threat to your pets and family. Instead of addressing the root cause of the problem, these products simply mask the odor.

At TurfSpa, we offer a better solution. Our enzymatic odor remover uses natural enzymes to effectively target and eliminate the sources of bad smells. It's safe for use in households with pets and children, and has been tested to provide fast and reliable results. So if you're looking for a safe and effective way to get rid of stubborn odors, TurfSpa's enzymatic solution is the perfect choice.

Is TurfSpa’s pet odor detox safe for kids and pets?

The safety of your loved ones is our top priority at TurfSpa™. Our pet odor detox is made with all-natural bacteria, ensuring it's safe for those who use it, pets, and the environment. However, as a precaution, we advise keeping the product out of reach of children. If you have any additional safety concerns, our Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) can be found on our website.

When can I let my pets or kids play on the artificial grass after using TurfSpa™?

As soon as you apply TurfSpa™ to your artificial grass surface, it's ready for use. However, to prevent any potential ingestion, we advise avoiding puddles of the solution on the surface and allowing it to dry before kids and pets can play on it. Our product is completely safe for people, pets, and the environment and eliminates odors with its all-natural enzyme solution, ensuring a clean and fresh-smelling environment for playtime.

How often should I use TurfSpa™ URINE + ODOR TURF DETOX?

The frequency of using TurfSpa™ URINE + ODOR TURF DETOX depends on various factors such as the square footage of your artificial grass and the number of pets you have. In the beginning, you may need to apply it more frequently, but over time the frequency will decrease. If you have one pet, we recommend using TurfSpa™ URINE + ODOR TURF DETOX once a month during the warm months and roughly every other month during the colder months. To maintain a fresh and odor-free artificial turf, be sure to pair the application of TurfSpa™ URINE + ODOR TURF DETOX with regular watering and to remove any pet hair buildup, as it can clog the draining system. Additionally, using a pressure washer to clean the turf and wash out any debris can help keep your turf looking and smelling great. In areas where urine concentration is high, you may need to use more TurfSpa™ URINE + ODOR TURF DETOX to effectively neutralize the odor.

What is the required amount of infill to be used during a deep detox cleaning and what are the benefits?

For the prevention of future pet urine odors in artificial turf, 0.25 to 1.50 pounds of the infill product should be used per square foot of artificial grass turf. The infill not only helps prevent future odors, but it also improves the overall health and appearance of the turf by providing a stable base for the artificial grass fibers to stand upright, improving shock absorption and drainage, and reducing wear and tear. For areas where your pet frequently urinates, a higher amount of infill should be used.

What is the coverage of the Ultimate Pet Detox and how is it determined, and what technology is used to ensure accuracy?

The Ultimate Pet Detox covers up to 500 square feet of turf surface area, with each additional square foot priced at $0.75. To ensure accurate pricing, we use sophisticated satellite software to measure the total cleaning area. This means that you can be confident that you will be charged the correct price the first time, without any surprises or hidden fees. You can also measure the area yourself or our technicians can measure it for you during the service.

What areas do you provide service to and what is your plan for growth?

We provide service to Orange County, Riverside County, Los Angeles County, and parts of San Bernardino in Southern California. We are growing quickly and hope to expand our services to more areas soon.

What is your policy on customer satisfaction and odor elimination and what options do you have for maintenance?

We are committed to delivering outstanding service that leaves our clients satisfied. Our 100% customer focus and confidence in our products and methods mean that we offer a 14-day smell guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the results of our visit, we will come back to reapply additional solution free of charge. To keep your yard looking its best, we have monthly, quarterly, and bi-annual maintenance packages available for you to choose from.

Is it necessary for someone to be home during the service?

While we prefer that clients are present for the service, it is not necessary for anyone to be home as long as our team has access to the service area. Our team is trained to close gates and ensure that the area remains secure after the service is complete. It is important to note that we require pets, specifically dogs, to be kept indoors during the cleaning for safety reasons. Future services can be scheduled according to personal preference and do not necessarily require someone to be home.

What is included in the standard cleaning package?

Our standard cleaning package includes light repairs such as securing loose or untucked turf and fixing any edges that need to be nailed down. While we do remove light weed growth throughout the turf area, excessive weed growth is not included in the standard package and will require an additional charge based on the severity of the growth.

At what frequency is the service required?

Typically, with one dog, a quarterly cleaning service is sufficient, however, this can vary based on individual circumstances and usage. Our team usually recommends starting with a quarterly package and adjusting as needed. For households with multiple dogs, a monthly cleaning service is recommended to maintain a fresh and clean turf area. We typically offer discounts on the first package and offer subscription services for added convenience.