Urine + Odor Turf Detox

Professional Grade Enzymatic Outdoor Odor Eliminator

• Decomposes Urine, Feces, Vomit & More
• Neutralizes Odor-Causing Compounds
• Utilizes A Blend Of Bacteria And Enzymes
• For Fast & Effective Cleaning
•Fresh Scent, All-Natural, With No Chemical Additives
• Safe For Use Around Pets And Children

TurfSpa™ URINE & ODOR TURF DETOX is a professional-grade solution that eliminates organic waste and odors on contact. The potent blend of highly concentrated bacterial spores and biodegradable surfactants quickly breaks down organic matter, providing immediate odor control. Suitable for artificial turf, sod grass, landscape rocks, patio decking, concrete, masonry, fencing, dog runs, & kennels, TurfSpa™ ensures a clean and odor-free outdoor space.


Attach bottle to a hose-end sprayer connected to a garden hose. Ensure the sprayer is in the "off" (vertical) position before attaching it. Once attached, rotate valve backwards to the "open" position. Distribute the solution evenly over the affected areas. Allow the solution to sit for 24 to 72 hours to fully neutralize the soiled areas. Wait at least 15 minutes after application before resuming activities in the treated area. Initially, a stronger urine smell may be noticeable; this is normal and indicates that the beneficial bacteria are actively breaking down the odors. For best results, apply the product in the evening to minimize evaporation from sunlight and reduce UV exposure, creating optimal conditions for the bacteria to work effectively.

Let Us Remove The Stink & Grime From Your Artificial Turf!

You’ve invested too much money in your turf to let dirt, debris and pet hair/waste make it unusable…so let TurfSpa give your yard a “facial”.

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