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At the start of every TurfSpa™ appointment, our experienced turfessionals conduct a comprehensive examination of your synthetic turf area. They meticulously scrutinize the space for potential problem areas, loose sections, and most importantly, any hidden objects buried in the turf that could pose a threat to you and your loved ones.

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Step 2

​Weed & Debris Removal

Our specialists make sure that your synthetic turf retains its freshly installed look by thoroughly removing weeds from every part of the turf, including the edges.

In our turf maintenance process, we start by thoroughly removing all leaves, debris, and pet hair from your artificial grass. After that, we conduct a thorough scan of the area to identify and remove any weeds, including small seedlings that may have emerged or become trapped in the base of the turf. Our team will meticulously pluck out any new growth from within and around your pavers, ensuring you have a landscape that's free from weeds.

Step 3

Turf Blooming

Our turf team will use a high speed power broom to remove debris and revitalize matted turf, giving the blades a new and improved appearance.

Our machines are designed to keep your turf looking its best. To achieve this, the team will start by using a high-speed power broom to efficiently clear any debris. The power broom has high-speed bristles that are designed to reach deep into the base of the turf, brushing and sweeping away all visible and hidden debris.

Step 4

Debris Removal

We will comprehensively clean your turf by removing all types of debris such as rocks, sharp objects, pet hair, waste, bugs, leaves, and any other debris that may be present on the surface or deep-seeded in the turf.

Step 5

Infill Replacement

We keep the artificial turf fresh by replacing and topping off the pet odor-absorbing infill. We also add a fresh layer of infill to neutralize any new urine odors and will help in keeping the turf smelling fresh.

After that, we'll refill the turf with infill material to support the grass blades and protect the backing from UV damage. This extra cushioning, similar to soil in natural grass, will also provide a more natural feeling underfoot. Our pet infill is 100% natural and effectively absorbs and decomposes urine crystals, preventing the formation of ammonia gas, which is the main cause of odor in artificial turf.

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  • TurfSpa™ Water Blooming

    The TurfSpa™ Water Blooming method utilizes high-pressure water at a pressure of 2900 psi to rejuvenate artificial turf and create our recognizable "clean lines." This technique not only deeply cleans the turf but also redistributes the infill and lifts the blades, resulting in a neat and uniform blade appearance that will make your neighbors envious.


    Masking odors simply doesn't work. That's why we apply a generous amount of our proprietary TurfSpa™ URINE & ODOR TURF DETOX deodorizer to neutralize bacteria and remove foul odors. Our TurfSpa™ URINE & ODOR TURF DETOX is formulated with a blend of highly concentrated bacteria spores, enzymes and biodegradable surfactants to break down organic matter and neutralize odors.

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