Pet Daycares

Artificial grass offers a hygienic solution for kennels and pet businesses, but can be difficult to maintain without professional help. Illnesses caused by germs and viruses are a common concern in the pet boarding world. However, with TurfSpa's Ultimate Detox process, all these worries are a thing of the past. Our process sanitizes every inch, including those hard-to-reach spaces under furniture, leaving our customers with peace of mind knowing their pets will be safe from sickness during their next overnight stay.


Fitness Facilities

Sweat and moisture from gym members can pose a significant challenge for gym owners who have installed artificial grass over concrete surfaces in their fitness facilities. Over time, the accumulation of bacteria from an active gym can result in lingering odors and the spread of harmful germs, creating an unsanitary environment for members.

TurfSpa offers a solution to this problem with our proprietary BioEnzyme detox solution. This solution not only eliminates stubborn odors on any surface, but also rejuvenates artificial grass to provide a cleaner and fresher environment for your gym. Say goodbye to unhealthy and unsanitized surfaces, and choose TurfSpa for a healthier and more pleasant gym experience.


Daycare and Schools

Artificial grass is a popular choice for daycare centers and schools, and TurfSpa's cleaning plans make maintenance a breeze. Our all-natural, biodegradable formula breaks down dirt and neutralizes odors, creating a safe and clean environment for kids to play. The most important aspect of our service is the safety of the children, and that's why our TurfSpa URINE + ODOR TURF DETOX is 100% safe for kids and pets.


HOA’s / Commercial Property

Your business attracts a high volume of traffic, making monthly maintenance essential for your landscaping to remain vibrant and healthy. Whether you manage an apartment complex, community center, or any other busy area, food and drink spills, pet waste, and odors can quickly accumulate. Keep your turf looking and smelling fresh with TurfSpa's regular maintenance plans. Our solution is perfect for busy business locations and will ensure that your landscape stays clean and inviting all year round.


TurfSpa™ offers an excellent plan for every budget. Choose the one that's right for you!

Dogs and puppies are wonderful additions to any family, but they can cause problems for your artificial turf. Their urine and feces can create unpleasant odors and make your turf unsanitary. To restore your turf to its original cleanliness and eliminate dog-related odors, turn to TurfSpa's Ultimate Dog Turf Detox with Bloom n' Groom. If you don't have dogs, our Deluxe or Express Bloom N' Groom is still a great choice for removing debris, decompacting infill, and rejuvenating the blades for a fresh and new look. Trust TurfSpa to bring your artificial turf back to life!